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WavePlayer audio with repeater

  • Hello
    Maybe can somebody help
    I’m build a listig site with artists, and each artist post should have own audio player, in my case Waveplayer (from code canyon)
    I’ve made repeater field where the artist can upload mp3-s (output:ID)

    Waveplayer generate the shortcode from media library playlist and it looks like this:
    [waveplayer ids=”231,230,229,228,227,226,225,224,223,222,221,220″]

    On code canyon developer has written some snippet but this is not for repeater field
    $audio = get_field( 'audio_file', "user_$user_id" );

    if ( $audio && isset( $audio['id'] ) && $audio['id'] ) {
    echo do_shortcode( "[waveplayer ids='{$audio['id']}']" );

    my repeater field is “audio_upload” and mp3 file is “demo_mp3”

    How to achieve this?

  • I’ve found solution. Big Thanks to Matt Hias from Oxygen FB Group

    if ( have_rows( 'your_repeater_field' ) ) :
    $ids = [];
    while ( have_rows( 'your_repeater_field' ) ) :
    $audio = get_sub_field( 'your_mp3_sub_field' );
    if ( $audio && isset( $audio['id'] ) && $audio['id'] ) {
    $ids[] = $audio['id'];
    if (count($ids)) {
    echo do_shortcode( '[waveplayer ids="' . implode(',', $ids) . '"]' );

    You can use this with standard WP Playlist. For shortcode just put playlist instead of waveplayer

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