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Warning: Complex repeater fields in WP 4.4

  • We have a backend that uses a repeater field with nested flexible content fields.

    We upgraded to WP 4.4 and although things seemed OK, some core changes they made were disastrous for performance. Not sure why, but our long, nested repeater was basically unusable. We reverted to 4.3.1 and things worked OK.

    This is with ACF-Pro version 5.3.0 (Updated versions of ACF-Pro broke our repeater field. Not sure why.)

    Just a warning for others who use repeater fields with complex data.

  • Sorry, I posted these separately because they are different issues. The linked thread refers to the repeater field not working in the back end at all since ACF 5.3.0. The other is extreme performance problems loading the WORKING repeater field (using version 5.3.0) in WORDPRESS version 4.4. Reverting Wp versions solved the issue.

  • sorry, they looked like the same thing to me.

    I’ll ask my question here. Where and how is this field group being loaded on the front then? Is it the template page for the post or is it somewhere else? There might be something that can be done. Like I said over in the other thread, there can be performance issues with large field groups and sometimes there are things you can do to improve it.

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