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Want "Compare" checkboxes

  • I’m a heavy ACF user, doing anything from building static pages to creating detailed user profiles instead of using BuddyPress.

    However, something I’d love to know how to do and just don’t is a way to have a products page with check boxes that allows a visitor to compare products. For example, it’s a page of microwaves, and a user can place a check box in three of them, then hit the compare button, and see a summary sheet comparing all the specs of each unit.

    Is this possible with ACF?

    *Note: normally for a products page, I create a custom post type in functions.php and then assign an ACF field group to the CPT. Then I create a page to loop the CPTs in and use a ‘single-cpt-name.php’ file to show detailed info for a single custom post type.

    Hopefully that makes sense. Thanks for any help. I’m a PHP lightweight…very lightweight, so if you give me any info, please keep that in mind.

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