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  • Hello!

    I have tried to explore as much as possible the resources that the ACF has to offer.

    Something that I have been on the market and I have not found efficiently is a good extension for shortcodes. Not to create them, that I found, but an efficient visual way and an easy way to edit the lay person.

    When you buy a template, depending on the types of exploited resource in this template we realize that there is always an extra button in TinyMCE and we selected have a popup menu with items to select or fill and to finalize the process the shortcode comes fully assembled.

    So far I see an interesting but not complete resource. In a last site I created tried to work more visual way possible of the issue so that people without any technical knowledge are easy to understand without the need for technical updating their content.

    While it is the selected item in the popup menu item created is the same that appears on the site and to edit simply double-click and go back to the popup menu.

    I wonder if the ACF staff think of doing something or is there some other plugin available on the partner of this tool market, if anyone has any suggestions kindly ask that expose not only for me, but all who go through something like that.

    Thank you very much.

  • You might look into – has hooks to add your custom shortcodes and modify the default ones. Has a nice interface for both.

  • I know this plugin, very efficient by the way, but still it does not do what I have in mind. I have tried in the last month produce what I have in mind and is almost ready. Once it is complete I want to make available.

    The idea is that it is easy for those who create and easy for the layman to use.

    When we create a shortcode it appears on the screen in simple format [shortcode attrs …] content [/ shortcode], but I want is to appear in visual formtato.

    In my research I found this post here and it opened a light in my mind.

    You’ll notice that it uses pictures to show what the shortcode to do.

    I thought to myself, “Hey, why not turn this IMG in any kind of HTML tag?”

    And I’m working on it and is almost completed my proposal.

  • A bit late to the party, but in hunt of the same things, since I have to loop shortcodes into shortcodes in order to have my users comply with the design/structure needed. It would be easier to work with attributes generated through an ACF field group, so e.g. a URL of a post picked via ACF is turned into an attribute or an image picked turns into a specific size’s URL etc.

    Any progress of any kind from anyone? Different solutions :)?

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