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Visual page builder for Advanced Custom Fields?

  • Hello everyone.
    Does anyone know of any external or internal plugins for Advanced Custom Fields, which allows my customers to see the fields on the front-end, visual page builder style?

    I found that Beaver builder integrates well with Advanced Custom Fields, so that I can define custom fields resulting in the user only being able to customise the pre-defined fields and settings on the front-end.

    Just to clarify: I do not need an ordinary page builder, my clients should ONLY be able to customise and add the fields I define.

    Is Beaver builder any good, or are there better alternatives? Thank you in advance.

  • ACF is not really built for use in a page builder. Any integration is done by the page builder and not by ACF. While some page builders do have integration for some types of ACF fields, you mileage will vary. In some cases you’re going to have to build custom code, usually in the form of shortcodes, to integrate some ACF field types.

  • @jimmyk1995 as @hube2 said, acf ist just the awesome backend field system, you need to build a custom admin/backend interface on it.
    If you wanna see something awesome look at acf-extended, they added an incredible dynamic render for it.
    ACF has also a post about it, here

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