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Visual Composer plugin conflict?

  • Hello,
    On the following vanilla installation, having both ACF and Visual Composer installed, my WYSIWYG editor defaults to ‘text’ instead of ‘visual’.

    WP: 4.1.1
    ACF: 4.4.1
    VC: 4.4.3

    Base WP install. No other plugins. Also tested and confirmed this issue on 2 other WP 4.1.1 sites.

    I’ve rolled back ACF as far back as 4.3.8 and VC as far back as 4.3.5 and the issue remains.

    I’ve submitted a support ticket WP-Bakery (Visual Composer) and here, but no solution yet.

    Anyone else seeing this issue?

  • Have you tried forcing it to use the default visual editor in your theme’s functions?

    add_filter( 'wp_default_editor', create_function('', 'return "tinymce";') );

    I run both latest VC and ACF and don’t see this issue.

  • UPDATE: Rolled back Visual Composer to 4.1 and it appears compatible.

  • Hi wstaley,
    Thanks for the functions.php tip. Will have to try that.

  • I’ve exactly the same problem.

    If I disable the ACF plugin, everything is working fine : WP keeps my editor choice.
    If I enable the ACF plugin, each time I reopen an article, the default editor is HTML (even if I had chosen VISUAL).

    I don’t have visual composer 4.1 and I would like to keep this one updated.

    Any help will be appreciated, thx!

  • Encountered the same issue using

    ACF v4.4.2
    Visual Composer v4.5.3

    TinyMCE would keep switching back to Text from Visual mode on every page load (for postypes that had visual composer had been activated for)

    Updating to ACF v5 PRO resolved issue.

    Be good if it was fixed for free version too.

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