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Vimeo fullscreen button missing

  • Cheers guys and gals,

    we have a wee problem, we are using ACF 5.4.1 (client does not allow updates atm) and added Vimeo Videos, they show up on the front-end but this message is given in the console

    “Allow attribute will take precedence over ‘allowfullscreen’.”

    In the backend we can go into Fullscreen, on Frontend not and I can’t see a way to put the allowfullscreen before the Attributes, it works with Youtube on the same site, on Vimeo Fullscreen is checked.

    Any help or pointers would be great, stackoverflow and the forums didn’t give me any idea to fix this.

    Thanks in Advance!

    PS: I cant open a support ticket, it won’t open.

  • We narrowed it down to Oembed now, if we use the embed code Vimeo provides and use a text field it works. But we also discovered that the same problems occur in Gutenberg if you add a video so it may not be am ACF Problem at all but a WordPress Core Problem.

  • ACF uses the built in Oembed feature of WP, the one where you can insert a video url into the editor and it auto does what needs to be done to display it. The issue is going to be with the WP Oembed feature as @monolith-collectiv posted.

  • Thanks for getting involved and confirm my research. I’ll take this to the WordPress Forums or Github.

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