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Video URL Gallery – oEmbed field?

  • Hi…I have a question about embedding videos (like Youtube).

    I am trying to find a simple way to embed multiple video URL’s – to display similar to a Gallery.

    Currently, I am using the oEmbed field with the following code:

    <div class="embed-container">
    	<?php the_field('videos'); ?>

    However, in the backend admin – it seems I only have the option to use (1) URL…Any suggestion on how to add multiple videos, similar to a gallery?

    –OR —

    is my only option to create multiple oEmbed fields such as: video_1, video_2, video_3 etc?

    Any reply would be greatly appreciated…Thank you!

  • use embed field with repeater field

  • Thanks Navid!…Your right, the repeater field helped.

    By chance, is there a way you recommend that I can have these embedded videos from ACF open in a lightbox?…instead of playing on the actual page.

  • Hi @WPDragon,

    first, you must choose a lightbox plugin. for example Magnific Popup is a good choice:

    then use “Modal popup” structure for output

  • Hi Navid..Thanks for the suggestion!…I went with ‘Responsive Lightbox by dFactory’ instead, since it was alil easier for me to install on wordpress…

    My only issue is I still cant seem to get the lightbox to popup for the Videos…Could it be the way ACF embeds the videos on the page?…

    The field type oEmbed is displaying the videos on the page like an actual youtube video player, and not as an image/video thumbnail…so, when I click on the video it just automatically plays from within the player on the page.

    Hmm, im abit confused on how to get an oEmbedded video to display in the lightbox…

    Is there a specific location in the_sub_field code that I should put rel=”lightbox” for this to work properly?

    Also, by chance is there a way that ACF can display the default Youtube Thumbnail image automatically?…if so, that would be helpful.

    Appreciate your help with this.


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