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Video in Gallery

  • Hi Elliot,

    I would like to be able to use video in the Gallery plugin.

    I’m currently using the plugin to provide images to the jQuery CarouFredSel plugin, but although videos are allowed to be added to the gallery as soon as I update the post they are stripped out.

    I had a brief look through the gallery.php but couldn’t see any content filtering going on.


  • This isn’t natively built in, but there is a work around I have used before.

    In the gallery field, upload an image to be used as a ‘video placeholder’. Then place the video data into the image’s description or caption.

    That data will be loaded by ACF for the image which you can use the output the video!

  • Thanks for the fix.

    I’m thinking of writing some filters to adapt to video as this isn’t the easiest for my users.
    I haven’t looked at it yet, but should it be possible? Any chance of ‘native’ support?

  • If that isn’t easiest for your users then surely a Repeater field would be easier for them? It may not be as visually attractive but it’ll certainly function better for your cause 😉

    Hell, you can even reskin it to look like a Gallery if you want to.

  • I’ve just seen that the new version of the Gallery Add-on is not stripping out video and is even setting mime types and appearing as a proper ‘type’ in the field array.

    This is awesome! Thanks so much.

  • Cool Video Gallery is a Video Gallery plugin for WordPress with option to upload videos, attach media files. Automatic preview image generation for uploaded videos using FFMPEG library available. Option provided to upload images for video previews. Supports ‘.flv’, ‘.mp4’, ‘.mov’, ‘.m4v’ and ‘.mp3’ video files presently.

  • Works great, even when you slide to the next/previous slides. Thanks.

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