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Version 6.2.8 Never ending update

  • I have just updated to 6.2.8 and encountered a couple of issues.

    Firstly, I have my licence key in wp-config.php and the UI turned off.
    The update wouldn’t work, insisting I had to add the licence key on the updates page.
    I enabled the UI, only to see the updates page say “licence key in wp-config.php”
    However, it would now update. So I guess the code to recognise the licence key only runs on the admin page.

    Secondly, having updated, the update still shows up even though it recognises the correct version
    Plugin Update listing

  • Oh. Never mind. The update notification went away after a few minutes.

    Though the issue about the licence key in wp-config with no UI enabled may catch a few people out.

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