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Version 5 due dates?

  • Hi Elliot,

    Sorry if this a cheeky question! But just read your blog post about working on the new V5 and was wondering if there was an estimated or aspirational date to go along with it?

    I’m currently working on a website project going live in the early part of next year and am wondering whether I could/ should hang on for some of the potential new features like being able to duplicate fields (or whether I should move them into the code).


  • Hi @glyn

    v5 will be a few more months. Early prediction is sometime in Feb / March.

    I would start you project using v4, then just upgrade to v5 when it’s out!

    The value data won’t change, so you can always roll back without fear of loosing data, but the field’s data will change to the new and better architecture!


  • Many thanks Elliot

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