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Vantage theme , implementing

  • Hello ACF team . Wondering if anyone tried this , or asked this before ( didn’t find anything related to this here on forum ) Is it possible to add/replace the default custom field plugin of vantage theme with your ACF plugin ?

  • Hi @miky

    I am not sure about this one. Your best answer would be found via the theme developer.


  • Now i’m feeling kinda ripped off after paying for that theme. The answer i got in their support forum is that they don’t provide assistance for ‘untrusted’ plugins and for this type of customization i should contact their ‘authorized’ developers/partners.

    Found this ‘answer’ on stackoverflow , but that tutorial link is not valid anymore .I can provide theme files/wp admin acces if anyone want’s to help me out .

  • Hi @miky

    Try not to feel ripped off, the theme developers are just doing their job. They have developed a theme which allows you to create a website just as advertised.

    If you want to also use ACF to extend the functionality, that’s fine, however this plugin is not a ‘one click install’ and requires much reading, coding and Code knowledge.

    Perhaps you should contract a web developer to help you out on this one.


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