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Values not saved after installing WPML

  • I just installed WPML and now I notice values are not being saved anymore in a custom post type (which is not translated).

    I see they’re submitted in a $_POST request but not getting saved.

    Am I maybe overlooking something important I need to set in terms of WPML ?

  • Ok, I now know why it happened.

    I created my website, with an ACF front-end form.
    For it I created an ACF group.

    I now installed WPML, created a translated page for the form and I copied the group I made before (I didn’t translate it as stated before).

    If I now edit that specific post type in the admin, I have 2 ACF groups, 1 for each language. And I edited in the first one, because the group is so big, I didn’t see there was another one beneath it.

    So now I’m thinking I do need to translate the form(s). Is that correct ?

  • This needs no further replies. Other issues have risen, which I’ll post in another topic.

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