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Values not displaying

  • Dear ACF,

    On a website I am working on the acf values are not displaying. The four widget on my home page (underneath the header image) should display a title and text. I have disabled all my plugins to see if anything conflicts, but no results. I have enabled wp_debug, not errors. I have checked the code to display the values, no results (tried shortcodes, get_value, the_field, get_field).

    I’ve checked if a value is set by using:

    <?php $values = get_field('widget_1_titel');
      if($values) {
        echo 'A value is set';
      } else {
        echo 'A value is not set';
      } ?>

    I can see the page echoing that there is no value set, although I have saved the page.

    What is going wrong here, and what could be the solution?

    Kind regards

  • Hi,

    Is it possible there is a spelling mistake in this line:

    $values = get_field('widget_1_titel');

    With the spelling of title?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately thats not the case. Titel is de dutch word for title.

  • Ahaa, Sorry about that.

    Hmm… The code is definitely correct.

    Is it possible that you are not with in the loop?

    You can double check by trying to retrieve it from the page using the ID.

    Find the post id, and then alter this line to (if the post id is 22):

    $values = get_field('widget_1_titel',22);
  • Unfortunately, this is not working either. Still the same result.

  • Hi @projectarthouse,

    This is pretty strange.

    Which version of ACF are you using?

    Do you mind sharing your template code so that I can have a look at what you have.

  • Hi I am having a very similar issue on a website i administrate

    After updating to wordpress 4 the custom fields plugin has stopped displaying values on the frountend on any page, for example:
    now looks like:

    At the back end the field editing options all load ok.

    We are using the suffusion theme. We have the most up to date version (Version 4.3.9) of ACF.

    The shortcode [acf] appears to be linked in to the plugin as that doesn’t display once ACF activated.

    We also have Advanced Custom Fields: Repeater Field plugin installed, activating it or de-activating makes no difference.

  • Dear Support,

    I am using the latest version of your plugin. Very strange problem! I need to solve this asas, since my client can’t put his site live now…

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