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Values are not shown in the frontend (Divi)

  • Hello all,

    I am working with the basic version of advanced custom fields. Sadly some values are not shown in the frontend. I am using Divi theme and as long as I am in the visual frontend editor everything looks great. Divi should support ACF by default.
    But after I save my changes I only see some short codes. Some fields work but others don’t and I cannot figure out why.

    This is what it looks like inside the visual builder: … r-view.png

    And this is the frontend: … n-view.png

    You can also see the problem live here: You can see the problem here:

    Help is very much appreciated.

    Additional information:
    – WordPress 5.0.1
    – Divi Version 3.18.8 (current)
    – ACF version: 5.7.9

    I disabled Gutenberg.

    Thanks in advanced and best regards

  • The links you shared doesn’t look like they were entered correctly. The all return a 404, but as you can see, part of the link is a hyperlink, the the rest of it is in plain text afterwards. So we can’t see what you’re trying to show us.

    When you say you disabled Gutenberg, did you do this by enabling the Classic Editor?

    After you created your field groups, did you edit your template files to retrieve and then display the values…either using get_field() or the_field()? Sorry, had to ask, just saw a forum where a guy thought the values would magically display in the front-end without doing any coding the page/post’s template file.

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