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Validation get triggered on save draft

  • Hi!
    I’m facing a quite weird problem that was not here before.
    I have a big form (in admin) composed of multiple field groups. Each group contains various field types and some of them are required.
    While populating the fields I was used to save draft to skip validation but now the validation is triggered even on drafts.

    I tried upgrading to the latest version (5.6.0 at the time of writing) but it breaks my very customized layout (each field group is “embedded” in a vertically tabbed layout to break the form in smaller pieces) but the problem was present even with the latest version.
    Luckily I kept a copy of the previously installed version (5.5.10).

    I tried to see if acf/validate_save_post could do some magic (e.g. skip all the validation routines if post_type == my_cpt and if it is a draft) but I cannot see how to access the post object to get some attributes from it.

    Any help would be really appreciated.


  • I’m struggling with the same issue here.
    In my case, it happens only with v5.6.3, but not with v5.6.1…
    I’d appreciate your advice!

  • Having this issue in 2022. Pretty bumming. =/

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