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Validation failure version 5.5.5

  • I’ve read about this same issue on the forums for earlier versions of ACF Pro but in most instances it was solved by an updated version. But I seem to be having the same problem on version 5.5.5. Our website has a flexible content field that is used across a variety of pages for different purposes and is really useful. However as of recent updates I now cannot change any of the content because of a validation failure.

    I’ve unticked all of the required boxes for each of the fields but this has not sorted the problem. I can’t find any hidden fields that need changing. But every time I try to save changes I get an error that validation failed and “This field requires at least 1 … layout”.

    I can’t find any information about how to resolve this problem. Has anyone experienced anything similar in the latest versions and does anyone know what I need to do to resolve it?


  • This field requires at least 1 … layout

    Look at your flexible content fields. Either the field is set to require at least one layout or a layout is set to require a minimum of one of those layouts. I think it’s the second one by looking at the error message you posted.

  • I really struggled to get my head around this problem at first because I had unticked all of the ‘required’ boxes on all of the layouts and fields. What I had failed to notice were the ‘min’ and ‘max’ options next to the layout type dropdown box. Thank you for helping me to understand this!

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