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Validate post_title or set title via ACF field

  • I have opened up a support ticket on this, but thought you other forum devs might be able to help…

    I was wondering if there was a way to ensure the post/page/cpt ‘Title’ field is validated / not left blank via ACF. Amazingly clients still do this!

    Alternatively is there a way to populate the post title, and thus slug, based on an ACF field.

    I will update with any response from support.

  • For anyone else, I had a response from ACF support as follows…

    Not really inside ACF, you would just have to add some general javascript to the page to validate.
    But if you use the filter acf/save_post you can call any php you want from there, so you could update the page title from there.

    Have a look at the docs above, hopefully that will get you where you need 🙂

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