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Validate email domain

  • I have a front end form to create a post, but I want to validate the email field to be a specific domain. This might be a php matter, but I want to try a find a solution here, since maybe someone has already tried this.

    I am trying this hook to validate a field, but it is not preventing to send the form without the domain:

    function my_acf_validate_mail( $valid, $value, $field, $input_name ) {
        // Bail early if value is already invalid.
        if( $valid !== true ) {
            return $valid;
        if( is_string($value) && strpos($value, '') == false ) {
            return __( 'Please enter a valid email address.', 'textdomain' );
        return $valid;
    add_filter('acf/validate_value/name=pf_corrreo', 'my_acf_validate_mail', 10, 4);
  • The only thing I see in your code that might be an issue is that you should have === false as == will match 0, but this would only happen if they entered without an address.

    if( is_string($value) && strpos($value, '') === false ) {

    What type of field is this? I’m assuming it’s a text field, what I mean is, is it a sub field of another field like a group field? If it is try using the field key instead of the field name.

  • Thank you, in that case I’ll digg a little more on how to validate only the domain part of the email.

    By the way it is an email field I am using.

  • are you working with a sub field? Is this field a sub field of a group or repeater? Flex field?

  • It is not a subfield, just an email field.
    I want the user to submit their email.

    The reason is this form is for logged out users, so I would like to restrict email domain, so only people in my organization can submit the form (

    Another possibility I am evaluating is to validate through LADP, so I can check if email exists in the database.

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