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Using your plugin to recreate WPLMS courses(sort of). Possible?

  • Hi there,

    We are want to rebuild our website and get away from WPLMS theme.
    And I am slowly doing a reasearch on available options. And seems ACF looks promising. But I’d like to make sure 100% before I buy it and start develop with it that this plugin will make the job and has all the bells and whistles needed.
    All we need now is easily adding and nicely listing school courses(with various data). Listing should be in form of: sortable table, grid, and for the course page tabs(preferable so that those tabs would be linkable)

    Lil pre-story
    A year ago we bought WPLMS theme, even though we need just list available courses in our school. No E-Learning etc.. All we needed was nice design and easy way to add and list our courses. That theme was looking as a good choice back then. But after a year we’ve realised we got an elephant instead of working dog. 70% of themes power and features(not to mention of code) was wasted. Theme added unneeded performance hog, and after recent update it even broke our site with some fatal error.
    So I am thinking to build all this functionality on my own. And hoping your plugin can help with that.

    Can ACF create WPLMS like courses directory, courses grid, course table and course pages with sidebar tabs?

    Thank you in advance


  • Hi @alex_r

    Basically, you can create anything you want with ACF. It depends on how you code it. For the listing, you can create a custom post type so you can sort it with WordPress functions. If you want to try ACF, I suggest you try the free version first. You can download it here:

    I hope this helps 🙂

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