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Using “update_field” to update a group

  • Apologies if what I’m asking about is ACF 101. I’m kind of new when it comes to programmatically updating field values. My problem concerns a site that is using ACF Pro (version 6.3.3). I have a custom post type called “Projects” that is registered through theme code. I’ve created over 100 projects, each with their own featured image (using the built-in WP featured image field). Now, the client wants the ability to have multiple featured images, one for each “discipline” (a custom taxonomy I created for them). There are three disciplines, one of which is called “Architecture”. They want to show a different featured image for each project on the frontend, depending on which discipline term has been selected by the user. To that end, I have created a group called “discipline_imgs” with 3 image sub-fields. Each sub-field’s field name corresponds to a discipline term slug. For example, there’s an image sub-field labelled “Architecture” with the field name “architecture”. Each image sub-field is set to return the image ID.

    They want to copy the current featured image in each project to the “architecture” image sub-field, and then they want the other sub-fields updated with different images. So, rather than going through all 115 projects and manually copying the featured image over, I decided to write a script to do it. The script is in the form of a theme page template. Here is the template code:


    * Template Name: Copy Project Featured Image to Architecture Image

    defined('ABSPATH') || die(1);
    is_super_admin() || die(1);

    header('Content-Type: text/plain; charset=' . get_bloginfo('charset'));

    'post_type' => 'project',
    'posts_per_page' => -1,
    $project_count = $project_updated_count = 0;
    while (have_posts()) :
    'architecture' => $architecture_img,
    ] = (array)get_field('discipline_imgs');

    if (0 < $architecture_img) :

    $featured_img = get_post_thumbnail_id();

    if (!$featured_img) :

    $result = update_field(
    ['architecture' => $featured_img],

    if ($result) {

    echo sprintf(
    'Updated %d of %d project(s).',
    ) . "\n";

    I created a page and set the template to this template. When I visit the page, it spits out a bunch of var_dump() output, so that I know that each project has a value of NULL for the “architecture” sub-field and a non-zero value for the featured image, as it should be. Then at the end it says “Updated 0 of 115 project(s)”. So something is wrong with the update_field() lines and the projects aren’t getting updated. Thoughts?

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