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Using traditional ACF fields along side blocks?

  • I am currently using ACF 5.8 to build custom blocks and it has been so very helpful but there are still some instances where I’d like to use the traditional style ACF fields for page templates (Just meta fields, not block/s). When WP decides to completely move away from the classic editor will these fields still work? I imagine they would since I believe WP is keeping meta fields now but I want to be sure, if anyone could give me some insight into this it would be much appreciated!

  • As far as I am aware the standard ACF fields should continue to work. There is no plan that I am aware of to remove meta entirely. If there was I’d quit my job and find a new line of work.

  • Pretty sure we’ll be able to use ACF for both blocks and meta fields in the future too, since it’s basically what Elliot states is planned for ACF 6:

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