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Using the default WP editor

  • When I create a new ACF, is there an option to allow a user to add content via the default WP editor as opposed to creating a new field “text area?” I want the client to have access to the typical editor functions (bold, italic, underscore, etc.)

  • WOW. Posted over a week ago, and not one response. Are you ppl alive?

  • Hi MajorPayne, you have access to the WYSIWIG editor as a Custom Field type, you can rtead more about it here – there’s various options in terms of the functionality you want to allow the client to have.

  • Are you ppl alive?

    Yes we are. Please be mindful that this is a free plugin, with free support, from others in their spare time… no one here is obliged to help you and your importance does not transfer to anyone else’s priorities. You can pay and get help faster.

  • You can pay and get help faster.

    Well, that’s my problem then – I have the PRO version and mistakenly assumed this was support for that version. Thanks for clarifying.

  • Thanks for that link, and I’m not trying to extend this, but just for the sake of clarity the breadcrumbs above do read, “Home › Forums › ACF PRO ›”

    Maybe someone should change that to read “ACF Free.”

  • Hi @majorpayne, this forum is for both free and paid users, however, it is not managed by ACF and the regular ACF support does not answer questions here. As @pjeaje says, this forum is for getting help from other users. There are some users that spend more time here than others, like myself, but help is not guaranteed. Sometimes questions do slip by, and in some cases people may not be able to help either because they don’t know or the question is not clear.

    As far as your question goes, it is actually not altogether clear what you meant by “Default WP Editor”.

    The default editor is not gutenberg. There is nothing in ACF that will allow you to create a custom field that uses this type of editor.

    You have a choice between the textarea field or the wysiwyg (tinyMCE) field types. The textarea field will allow users to enter HTML, but does not have any way to add controls. The wysiwyg field as mentioned by @pixelsandthings has controls and has options for the type of controls that will be added. You can also customize the toolbar of these fields using a filter

  • pixelsandthings answered my question. And I apologize for not taking the time to notice what you mentioned; this is a community forum, not an official support system.

    Thanks all.

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