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Using Taxonomy field type on Taxonomy Term – Load Terms

  • WP 4.5.4
    ACF Pro

    If I create a Taxonomy field (checkbox appearance with Load Terms set to Yes) in a group shown if Taxonomy Term == <my term>, the checked items appear to apply to all terms. Ie. I cannot select different checkboxes on each term.

    If I set Load Terms to ‘No’ it works as expected. Each term can then have a unique set of checkboxes checked.

    The terms all existed prior to creating the ACF group if that matters.

  • Hi @joelstransky

    I’m afraid I don’t understand the issue you have. Could you please share the screenshots of the issue?

    Also, ACF has version 5.4.4 now. Could you please update it and see if it fixes the issue?

    Thanks 🙂

  • Sure, I’ll show some screens tomorrow to describe the issue better.

  • I haven’t had a chance to try this with an up to date ACF but at least I can better explain what I’m seeing.

    I have a custom post type, Announcement which has two dedicated Taxonomies: Announcement-Type and Announcement-Audience. The idea is that each Announcement-Type term needs to select which Audiences it’s targeting. That way, in the Announcement post editor, choosing an announcement-type (from an ACF taxonomy field shown as a radio group) will change the available options in an audience-type taxonomy field shown as checkboxes. I’m handling the view updates in javascript.

    So in my Announcement-Type term editor I’ve inserted the Annoucement-type taxonomy field. This field has “Load Terms” set to Yes.

    The result in the term editor is that all boxes are ticked all the time.

    And even if I change the selection for a term,

    The changes are not saved and all terms have all options ticked

    If I set Load Terms to ‘No’, everything works fine.

  • Update: The selected terms actually do save correctly, they’re just reflected correctly in the edit. ie. If I select two checkboxes, that will save but all boxes will be checked when I edit the term.

  • Hi @joelstransky

    The Load Terms option is designed to integrate ACF taxonomy field with the taxonomy meta box on the post editor page. If you set the taxonomy field location to a taxonomy, kindly set the Load Terms to “No”.

    I hope this makes sense 🙂

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