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Using sub fields for div IDs in inline content

  • I have purchased both your repeater fields add-on and your flexible content add-on. I’m using both in my code to display my content in this particular situation. However, this pertains more the repeater field.

    I’m trying to target a series of videos and have embedded ACF fields for most of the video parameters and it’s working just great. I’m using Easy Fancybox to display the videos inline (fancybox-inline). The problems occurs when I try to replace the “id” with an ACF field, so I can use the one chunk of video code for all my videos. I have id="<?php the_sub_field("video_id"); ?>"on the video div block and href="#<?php the_sub_field("video_id"); ?>" on the link that launches the video. That doesn’t work. However, when I replace it with something like, id=movie and a href=”#movie”, it works just fine.

    What am I doing wrong? Am I using the wrong syntax?

    Please help.


  • Hi @marindee

    Can you post your entire code? Perhaps the links are not within the repeater loop so the sub field function doesn’t work?


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  • I might look at another way of writing this code. It might not have been the most efficient. I will let you know if I have further issues.

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