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Using Shortcode in WP Editor for Woo Product

  • Hi, I’m not sure whether this is possible and if not please tell otherwise.

    I’ve set up a Link type field in my group for post type. I’m trying to display this link in a HTML href attribute inside the wysiwyg editor when editing Woocommerce Products.

    For example, the link is to view the product on another website. So in the field when editing the product I’ve inserted the full URL. In the editor, I’ve tried to insert ACF Shortcode.

    <p><a target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener" title="View Products Details on XYZ">Click Here</a></p> to alternatively view this product Somewhere Else.</p>

    This is an example. I want to display the ‘Click Here’ link in various parts of the editor, so it makes to use a custom field.

    Considering there is no output, I presume I’m doing it wrong?

    Any feedback would be great.


  • You cannot use a shortcode of any kind as an attribute value of any HTML tag.

    See Shortcode HTML Limitations

  • My confusion, thanks John.

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