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Using repeater field for an events schedule

  • Hi,

    I’m using ACF PRO for an events schedule. Each item in the schedule will have the date as the header, and then stuff like time, event title, description and tickets link underneath it.

    The easiest way I can think of implementing it is creating a separate repeater group for each date, and then output the repeater fields underneath each one. However, this would require me to predefine the dates. I would, ideally, like to keep this flexible and allow the user to define the date, and then use the repeater fields underneath this.

    I’ve tried various permutations and haven’t come up with the ideal way to implement this. My PHP skills are rudimentary, so I have a feeling this is doable but there’s something I’m not seeing here.

    Any help MUCH appreciated.

  • If I understand you correctly, you want to have a field “Add Event”, which will contain repeater fields: first the date on the top row, followed by other fields for details underneath it, so that in one post you could add multiple events on different dates.

    This seems quite straightforward so perhaps I’m missing something. See the attached screenshots for fields setup and appearance. The only thing I changed from default was to change layout from table to row.

    If I’ve misunderstood, could you clarify?

  • Pretty straightforward. What I didn’t specify is that there will be multiple events per date, and I want the events essentially sorted according to date.

    I looked into sorting according to a field, but I’m not sure if sorting according to date is possible. Also, my PHP skills are so rudimentary, I’m not sure I’d be able to do it even if I tried.

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