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Using publish_posttype to get acf fields

  • I am working on a feature, that when a post for my custom post type is first published it will retrieve both WP fields like post_title and my custom acf fields. I have tried acf/save_post but this is only getting the acf fields and I need wordpress fields too. I’ve tried using get_post_meta and currently working with getting the acf fields via $_POST. If basically kill my function and dump all the variables I can see all the data. But when capturing the $_POST in a variable it’s returning NULL. I should also mention that I am capturing the fields to pass to an xml file using simpleXML. The xml file is getting generated and I can see all the normal WP fields just can’t seem to capture any of the ACF stuff. Here is all of my logic that I am using:

    public function generateDataXML($ID, $post)
            $upload = wp_upload_dir();
            $upload_dir = $upload['basedir'];
            $upload_dir = $upload_dir . '/events';
            if ( ! file_exists( $upload_dir ) ) {
                wp_mkdir_p( $upload_dir );
            $xml = new \SimpleXMLElement('<rss xmlns:g="" />', LIBXML_NOERROR, false, 'g', true);
            $xml->addAttribute('version', '2.0');
            $channel = $xml->addChild('channel');
            $channel->addChild('title', get_bloginfo('name'));
            $channel->addChild('link', get_bloginfo('url'));
            $channel->addChild('description', get_bloginfo('description'));
            $eventID = $post->ID;
            $postName = $post->post_name;
            $posttitle = $post->post_title;
            $abspath = get_site_url();
            if (get_post_status($eventID) == 'publish') {
                //Web Data Tab
                //If no Artist Name then will capture Event Name
                $artistNameID = $_POST['acf']['field_5f223fa5381da']['field_5f223fd2381db'];
                $artistNamePost = get_post($artistNameID);
                $artistName = $artistNamePost->post_title;
                $primaryGenre = get_post_meta($artistNameID, 'genres_primary_genre', true);
                $secondaryGenre = get_post_meta($artistNameID, 'genres_secondary_genre', true);
                $eventName = $posttitle;
                $eventDate = $_POST['acf']['field_5f2241e2c0bf4']['field_5f224203c0bf5'];
                $doorsOpen = $_POST['acf']['field_5f2241e2c0bf4']['field_5f2242b5c0bf7'];
                $eventImageArray = intval($_POST['acf']['field_5f2241e2c0bf4']['field_5f245777ac9b5']);
                $image = wp_get_attachment_image_src($eventImageArray, 'full');
                //Campaing Data
                //If Campaign Data has data fields not null it will use this instead of web data
                $campaignArtistName = intval(get_post_meta($eventID, 'artist_info_ad_campaign_artist_name_ad_campaign'));
                $campaignEventName = get_post_meta($eventID, 'show_info_ad_campaign_event_name_ad_campaign');
                $campaignEventDate = get_post_meta($eventID, 'show_info_ad_campaign_date_of_event_ad_campaign', true);
                $campaignDoorsOpen = get_post_meta($eventID, 'show_info_ad_campaign_doors_open_time_ad_campaign', true);
                $campaignEventImageArray = get_post_meta($eventID, 'show_info_ad_campaign_show_event_image_ad_campaign', true);
                $campaignImage = wp_get_attachment_image_src($campaignEventImageArray, 'full');
                $eventRow = $channel->addChild('item');
                $eventRow->addAttribute("id", $postName.'-'.$eventID);
                $eventRow->addChild("g:g:title", htmlspecialchars($posttitle));
                if ($artistNameID) {
                    $eventRow->addChild('g:g:artist', $artistName);
                } else {
                    if (!empty($campaignEventName)) {
                        $eventRow->addChild('g:g:event', $campaignEventName);
                    } else {
                        $eventRow->addChild('g:g:artist', $eventName);
                if ($primaryGenre) {
                    $eventRow->addChild('g:g:primarygenres', $primaryGenre);
                if($secondaryGenre) {
                    $eventRow->addChild('g:g:secondarygenres', $secondaryGenre);
                if (!empty($campaignEventDate)) {
                    $eventRow->addChild('g:g:event', date('F j, Y', strtotime($campaignEventDate)));
                } else {
                    $eventRow->addChild('g:g:event', date('F j, Y', strtotime($eventDate)));
                if (!empty($campaignDoorsOpen)) {
                    $eventRow->addChild('g:g:opens', date("g:iA", strtotime($campaignDoorsOpen)));
                } else {
                    $eventRow->addChild('g:g:opens', date("g:iA", strtotime($doorsOpen)));
                if (!empty($campaignEventImage)) {
                    $eventRow->addChild('g:g:image', '<img src="'.$campaignImage[0].'" />');
                } else {
                    $eventRow->addChild('g:g:image', '<img src="'.$image[0].'" />');
            $file = trailingslashit( $upload_dir ) . 'events-data.xml';
            $open = fopen($file, 'w') or die ("File cannot be opened.");
            $dom = new \DOMDocument("1.0");
            $dom->preserveWhiteSpace = false;
            $dom->formatOutput = true;
            fwrite($open, $dom->saveXML());
  • The post fields that you’re talking about are not fields but data in the post table. When using acf/save_post you need to $post = get_post($post_id) and then access the post information from there like $title = $post->post_title. Or you can skip getting the post and use something like $title = get_the_title($post_id)

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