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  • I am trying to get a FontAwesome icon to display if any one of the ACF fields in an ACF Options Page has a value. I just can’t seem to get the ‘or’ working correctly and wonder if there is a problem in the code. Any help appreciated.

    add_shortcode( 'business_address', function () {
    	$option_fields = get_fields( 'options' ); ?>
    	<div class="acf_address_block">
    	<?php if( get_field('acf_address') ||
    	 		get_field('acf_address_2') ||
    	 		get_field('acf_address_city') ||
    	 		get_field('acf_address_state') ||
    	 		get_field('acf_address_postcode') ||
    	echo '<div class="acf_address_icon"><i class="fas fa-map-marker-alt"></i></div>';	
    	<div class="acf_address_content">
    	if( get_field('acf_address') ); ?><span class="acf_address"><?php the_field( 'address', 'option' ); ?></span><?php
    	if( get_field('acf_address_2') ); ?><span class="acf_address_2"><?php the_field( 'address_2', 'option' ); ?></span><?php
    	if( get_field('acf_address_city') ); ?><span class="acf_address_city"><?php the_field( 'city', 'option' ); ?></span><?php
    	if( get_field('acf_address_state') ); ?><span class="acf_address_state"><?php the_field( 'state', 'option' ); ?></span><?php
    	if( get_field('acf_address_postcode') ); ?><span class="acf_address_postcode"><?php the_field( 'postcode', 'option' ); ?></span><?php
    	if( get_field('acf_address_country') ); ?><span class="acf_address_country"><?php the_field( 'country', 'option' ); ?></span>
    } );
  • Hi @nikcree

    If the fields are all from an options page, should they not be more like:

    if( get_field('acf_address','option') ||
    	 		get_field('acf_address_2','option') ||
    	 		get_field('acf_address_city','option') ||
    	 		get_field('acf_address_state','option') ||
    	 		get_field('acf_address_postcode','option') ||
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