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Using JSON

  • Hi there,

    I’m looking to deploy ACF with a theme I’m developing for an online portal.

    Couple of questions about JSON and embedding ACF plugin files into the theme files.

    Firstly, if I use the JSON, does ACF have to be installed/active in the theme or will the JSON create the necessary fields etc?

    Second, can I still use the JSON if the plugin files are put into the theme files for deployment?

    Basically I’m using WP and ACF but want a seamless deployment. So all the fields will be associated with their respective CPTs each time the portal is deployed.

    I’d seen about creating the fields using the functions.php file but then saw the article about using JSON. That article left a couple of questions unanswered.


  • Yes, ACF must be active if you use JSON.

    Yes, you can still use JSON if the plugin is part of the theme.

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