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Using gallery field with attachments and Elementor gallery

  • I bought ACF Pro because of the Gallery field. I also use Elementor Pro. I can create a dynamic Elementor gallery using images added to that specific post ie the gallery is on a post that has already has the gallery field and to which I have selected the images. But that does not feel very dymamic. I have to add the images to the gallery in the post and then configure the Elementor gallery to show those ACR galleries
    What I would like is to add the gallery field to all jpg attachments (which I can do and that works) but then use the Elementor gallery to dynamically display the images from the ACF gallery I choose. The Elementor gallery seems to let me do this – it shows the attachment galleries as a selectable key. But no images appear in the gallery.

    This would be brilliant as it would mean at point of upload I could identify an image with a gallery and the appropriate Elementor gallery would then update and display it

    Sorry if this appears more Elementor than ACF but I have to start somewhere

  • The only thing that I can really give you is that ACF stores and array of attachment IDs (post IDs) of the images in the gallery.

    ACF does not necessary associate these images with the post that the gallery field is attached to. This is a function of WP.

    If you are editing a post when you upload the images then the images are associated with the post (uploaded to) basically, this means that the parent of the attachment is the post you are editing.

    If you upload images to media and then add them to a gallery then the attachment is not made by ACF.

    Images can only be “attached” to a single post, they can only have 1 parent.

    Not sure if this information will help you or not.

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