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Using Bidirectional Field filter on bulk edit?

  • I’m using the bidirectional field filter from the ACF docs ( and it works fine when creating or updating a post through the post editor, but it doesn’t seem to register the related posts when updating a post via bulk edit.

    For example, I have about 200 posts in CPT A, each of them have one or more related posts in CPT B. If I edit a post in CPT A via the post editor, the corresponding related posts appear in CPT B as expected. But if I bulk edit the posts in CPT A, the relate posts do not appear in the post relationship field in CPT B.

    Is there a workaround for this? I assume that the ‘acf/update_value/name=related_posts’ filter doesn’t kick in on the bulk edit screen.

  • He, i have the same problem!

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