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Using an image more than once

  • Hi, I love the plugin, but I have a client who’s asking if he can reuse the same image in a gallery (his slideshows can get quite long, and he’d like to reiterate certain slides at the end). It seemed like a reasonable enough request, but I noticed that once an image is added to the gallery, it’s grayed out in the library picker view and can’t be added again.

    Is there some way to do this that I’m missing?


  • most easy way would probably be:
    he should upload those image again/twice, and use one time the first image, and one time the second image.

    a other way would be:
    work with a repeater and image field instead of gallery field

    a other way would be:
    use a repeater field with a gallery inside and each time he wish to reuse a image he need to create a new gallery. and you create a single slideshow out of those gallerys at/for frontend. (probably a little more complicate loop than now)

    create your own gallery-field plugin. i think it would need at least 2 fields one that contains the image-pool, and one that contains the slideshow. also a upload functionality and a way to remove add and ordering the images inside the slideshow

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