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Using ACF form to save custom field group not working!

  • Hi everybody,

    I finally got the newest plugin of ACF installed and the correct location fields add on installed and it is working this time.

    Now, I am using the ACF form to generate the form with the custom fields to save a post in to WordPress. however this doesn’t work completely.
    It shows the complete form with all the fields even the location field with geo location. But it doesn’t save them into WordPress any more.

    My question is, is has there anything been changed in the location field add on for saving it properly?

    The field name I use is “Location” it has field type “Location map” and return value is set to Coordinates only. I placed the filter in the functions but the post is not being saved to WordPress any more.

    Is there anything I am forgetting? Help is very much appreciated at this point. Because I don’t know where to look any more at this point!

  • Hi @Iason

    Are any values saving?
    Is it just the location field that is not saving?

    Have you tried disabling the location field plugin, does ACF now save?

  • Hi Elliot, I managed to get it to work apparently the type of the post wasn’t send correctly to the function because it’s a custom post. When I added the type in the function manually it did save the data.
    So problem is solved.

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