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Using ACF's apply_filters() in other plugins

  • I’m building a plugin that uses apply_filters(‘acf/field_group/get_fields’, array(), $acf->ID), et al.

    For some reason, these aren’t doing anything at all. No error, no results. Just nothing. It’s like the filter doesn’t exist. Is this a limitation with using them in another plugin?

    If so, then how were you able to do it in ACF Options Page?

  • Here’s my plugin code:

    Check out public function export() {} in the second link.

  • Hi @dallen

    I’m not sure why the filter isn’t working.

    Can you do some debugging to make sure the acf files are correctly being included? Perhaps the core/controllers/field_group.php file is not created correcty?

    Perhaps it needs to be included before ‘init’?

    I have a feeling the issue is based on the ‘timing’ of the actions.

    Hope that helps.


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