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Using ACF with woocommerce to update order total

  • Hi there. I am attempting to get ACF values in a repeater … that includes some totals for “custom line items” type system I have set up when creating a Woocommerce order. My issue is I need to update the order total , which I have working once the order is created.. but I need it to run through these BEFORE the order is created because the quote for the order gets created and the order total is 0 because the ACF values are not saved as soon as the order is created. I hope that makes sense. The real question is I have a function that runs when clicking the recalculate button, I would like to save the ACF values on click. I have found forums talking about using : “ if ( !isset($_POST[‘acf’][‘field_5bd0266e9f955’]) ) :
    $value = get_field(‘event_startingdate’);
    update_field(‘event_endingdate’, $value);” to get the ACF values but A) I don’t understand where field_5bd0266e9f955 is coming from and B) I don’t know if this POST method will work for repeater rows and subfields.

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