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Using ACF with the XML-RPC interface

  • Hello, I’d like to insert posts using ACF fields from the xml-rpc interface. My problem is that I don’t seem to be able to insert the “field_key” values required for ACF to work properly. Specifically, I insert some values using the custom fields struct the xml-rpc api provides (e.g. [[(“key”, “foo”), (“value”, “bar”)]] ) but get_field does not properly return a post object (if the field value is a post object). I’m using this library to do the inserting:

    I did read the documentation and I guess the field key value is required for this to work, but if I try and send those along in the custom fields struct they just get ignored and are not inserted into the wp_postmeta table along with the other custom fields.

    So I’m able to insert the post “successfully”, but the field key fields aren’t getting inserted, so obviously when I try to use get_field or anything on the post, it doesn’t work properly. Is there any way to properly insert posts using the xml-rpc interface, or will I have to find a workaround, or stop using ACF?

  • Hi @wkerfoot

    Thanks for the info.

    This is a current limitation of the ACF plugin, and it may also be out of scope for the plugin itself…

    Read up on the update_field function. It may reveal some more info about the reference field ans how you can save it.

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