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Using ACF with Paid Membership pro

  • Hi,

    I am using a hook from Paid Membership pro to add ACF fields on a registration form.

    function insert_acf() {
        echo "<p><div id='content-creator'>Test</div></p>
        <p><?php the_field('organisation_name'); ?></p>";

    Problem 1: The test div works but it is not displaying the ACF field so the user can enter their details

    Problem 2: How do I associate this ACF field to the newly created subscriber


  • If the plugin that you’re trying to do this with does not use standard posts and other WP editors then there is no easy way to add fields.

    the_field() displays the value of the field and not a field for entering something into.

    You might be able to use acf_form() here…… maybe….. and if you supply the correct post ID and set 'form' => false it should work.

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