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Using ACF to allow front end changes

  • Hi there,

    First off, this plugin is fantastic and really powerful. Although I do have query with it, not with it’s current capabilities but more of a ‘can it do this’.

    Is there any way of creating a custom field that can change the status of a post? I am building a website (although not on the public domain, more for only company employees to use) that allows users to view documentation and then approve it to say they have read the document.

    Is there a way of utilising ACF in order to do this. If it helps users will have to be logged in in order to view/approve docs, wordpress users that is.

    Thanks in advanced.

  • Check out the acf_form(); function in the documentation. You can use that display forms on the front end. Couple this with some “if logged in” type statements and reference user IDs and you’re golden.

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