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Using ACF options page to populate on backend of Product pages.

  • I have been looking though the forum and have seen a few post but for whatever reason I’m not putting 2 and 2 together here.

    Problem: I am working on a site that has products. Each product has a a bunch of features, that are shared but not all have them. For example: there may be a total of 20 features. Product 1 has feature 1-10 and then 20. Then product 2 has features 1, 3 and then 10 and 12

    So my hope was to use ACF options and create a repeater field called PRODUCT FEATURES. I set it up so that each one is a repeater with all their subfields. Within the Options page the group is called Product Features. Then The Repeater is called features.

    Then what I would like to do is when you go in and Create a Product (Using a page with a specific Product Template) you see a list of each Product feature by the sub field feature_title. Whatever ones you select will then render on the page with the rest of the subfields.

    I have seen a few posts about pulling fields to display them but I am at a loss as to where to put code to show up in the admin backend when someone creates a product.

    Any help would be great if this is possible.
    Thank you

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