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Using ACF CPT on Front end

  • Hi There !
    @elliot is really doing a major job with this plugin.
    I am currently using ACF & have cheated a CPT ‘Members’ and guess what ?
    I’m wondering how I can use ACF for letting identified mebers (ie those with an email attached to their CPT..) access a certain category of posts.
    My first question would be how to build a front end form querying the ‘member’s’ email & checking it agains existing email’s in the CPT…
    Then of course , I would like to grant access / visibility to an otherwise hidden menu item / category of of post.
    I ‘m sure his requires building a widget, which is kind of OK ( 🙁 ), andonot the subject here (…), but my question is more about bringing the ACF / email query to the frontend in a form ..
    Has anyone come accross or done a similar thing using ACF ?
    Many thanks for your help ,

  • Oups, sorry for all those typing mistakes 🙁 !

  • Hi @jmb

    This will require some very custom code which is a bit beyond the scope of this community forum.

    Perhaps you should think about the task and break it down into individual tasks that you can understand step by step.

    Then work on these smaller tasks one by one.


  • Hi @elliot,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Of course, I understand this was beyond the the use of ACF, but I thought I’d just give it a shot anyway, as I saw that use of ACF forms was mentionned on the forum & that these topics seemed remotely related …

    About breaking the subjet into separate tasks: my thoughts exactly, so I would start by asking myself how to query & test an ACF CPT field from the front end (this obviously would require that I have a frontend widget constructed, installed & declared, and this IS outside the scope 🙂 )

    Any hint on this particular task, as my starting point.

    And again many thanks for your continued interest in other people’s issues !

  • Hi @jmb

    I don’t think you need to use a widget. Instead, why not create a custom page template that uses a custom form. This form could allow someone to ‘login’ with an email address.

    Then, you could use the $_POST data to search the DB for a matching post, etc.

    Good luck


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