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Using ACF as Customizer > Header substitute

  • This is probably silly, but for some reason I’d quite like to set up my ACF options page as a Customizer > Header substitute.

    Ideally, I’d be able to display 4 rows of 5 thumbnails each for background images, and the client could then easily select one, e.g. using a radio button.

    Using an “image” field does sort of work, but is less than ideal, as it does not really give a nice overview of all the available images.

    Is there a clean way to do something along those lines in ACF, and I’m just missing it?

  • You can set the values of the ACF radio field choices to <img> tags. I don’t know if this can be done directly in the ACF field editor or if you need to create a load field filter. See this page, it works for radio fields too

  • Brilliant, thanks!
    As usual: the solution is quite obvious.

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