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Using ACF and google maps at the same time

  • Hi !

    I have a trouble with ACF (free version) and google maps. I use two themes via multiple themes plugin (ex Jon radio): My listing and Maggz.
    My listing displays a map in the explore page and I use ACF to customize the fields from the author page (so two absolutely different pages).
    However, when ACF is active, the map doesn’t display on the explore page. (but displays again when I deactivate it).

    Does anyone know a way to solve this? I really need to be able to use both these plugins at the same time…

    Thank’s guys !

  • This could be happening because ACF and the GM plugin are both trying to load the maps api. ACF has a setting for this to disable loading it if something else is already doing so.

  • Thank you so much John, you had the right answer, it solved everything !

    Thanks again !

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