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Users fill out the fields

  • Hi,

    I’m trying to display custom fields for users so the users can fill them out – have to fill them out. When I create custom fields they show up in my admin area under my post content area and if i set them as required I can’t publish the post unless I fill them out. But I need the users to fill out the field.

    I have a quiz set up and want users who take the quiz to leave their name and email so I’ve created the fields but can’t seem to be able to display them in the front end for users to fill out.

    Looks like a noob question but I’d really appreciate an answer. Thanks

  • That’s not really what ACF is meant for – it’s a system for creating custom content meta fields for posts in the WordPress back end, that then allows the content within those fields to be used on the front end. So it’s the content you add in the back end that’s available to the front end, not the actual fields themselves.

    It IS possible, with a bit of work, to set up a front end template, so that information the users input will create post data in the back end, but it’s not really a drag-and-drop to set up kind of thing:

    Sounds like you’d be better looking for a suitable forms plugin to use for this job (e.g. Gravity Forms)

  • Thanks,

    I’ll look into gravity forms.

    Best Regards

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