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User with apostrophe in name not found

  • I have a field (type=’user’).
    I’m trying to select a user with an apostrophe in their name (e.g. O’Henry)
    When I type the user’s name (O’Henry) into the field, I get “No results found”. However, when I type “Henry” into the field, the user is found.

    What do I need to do so searching for “O’Henry” will find the user?


  • ACF uses the WP function get_users() with it’s defaults. By default WP only looks in ID, user_ligin, user_email, user_url and user_nicename.

    To look in other fields you’d need to alter the query parameters. This can be done using the hook acf/fields/user/query. I don’t think this one is documented here.

    This is from the ACF code

    // filters
    $args = apply_filters("acf/fields/user/query", $args, $field, $options['post_id']);
    $args = apply_filters("acf/fields/user/query/name={$field['_name']}", $args, $field, $options['post_id']);
    $args = apply_filters("acf/fields/user/query/key={$field['key']}", $args, $field, $options['post_id']);

    I think you’ll need to supply custom ‘search_columns’, but I’m not 100% sure

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