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User taxonomy, matching post taxonomy?

  • Hi,
    I’m new to ACF and have just successfully set up a field group containing dozens of fields appearing on Edit User pages. Separately…

    I need an effective way to categorise 4,000+ users.
    Does ACF have any capability for this, or am I looking at doing something directly with WordPress?

    Thinking about it, I’m probably interested in having a common taxonomy across both posts and users. After all, it’s logical to me that my users would be experts in the post topics they write, and this may avoid reinventing the wheel by keeping two sets of taxonomies. My post categories would likely be a hierarchical set of industry sectors and topics.

    Do you think either of the above can be done?

    (Bear in mind, I’m fairly new to ACF, and not a developer per se).

    Thanks, happy to be here.

  • User taxonomies is not directly supported by WP and so that ACF does not support them.

    There is an explanation here by the developer along with possible solutions. It appears to be possible but you need to do the loading and updating of the user taxonomy terms using acf filters like acf/load_field, acf/load_value, acf/update_value and acf/save_post

  • John,
    Thanks, did you mean “here” to hyperlink somewhere?

    Sounds like the project may be above my station, but interested to find out.

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