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User post collection with ACF

  • Hi everyone,

    I tried to build a collection système with ACF and relationship field. It’s work realy good in back office because I can easly link any CPT “product” to another CPT “collection”. And in the front-end I can beautifuly display an CPT collection with all product linked.

    But I can find how I do the same process in front-end with an add button on CPT product. Theres is a way to quickly add or remove relation on front-end ? The best would be able to selected or create new collection post in same time with ACF to like it does on themeforest.

    I contact few pro dev on and is french version, but every time they give up ;(

  • Hi @shady77

    For the front-end, I believe you can use the acf_form() function. This page should give you more idea about it:

    I hope this helps 🙂

  • thank @James, the acf_form function looks good for what i loooking for, I’m going to try whith that 😉

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