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User-editable profile pages using ACF?

  • Hello,

    I’ve searched the forum for ‘User-editable profile pages’ and haven’t seen anything applicable.

    I’m doing a site for a school and they’d like each teacher to be able to login and edit the content on their own profile page The front end, of course, would be viewable to the public.


    1) Each teacher would be able to edit their own content using the ACF fields that I’d provide on the template.

    2) Each teacher would only be able to edit their own page.

    Any ideas on how to do this — or a link to a solution previously discussed would be greatly appreciated.


  • ACF4: Location rule: User is equal to All
    ACF5: Location rule: User Form is equal to…. you can choose

    This should add the fields to the profile edit pages I think.

    See this page for displaying values from a user:

  • Thanks for your reply @Hube2. I’m still not clear on how to fulfill my requirements, though. Maybe I haven’t explained my problem well.

    If anyone else has suggestions, I’d appreciate it.


  • Seth,

    I’m doing exactly what you need to do. I can’t go into granular detail right now, but I even tried BuddyPress 2.0 but it was lacking too much as far as the richness of the profiles.

    Here’s what I’m doing:

    1) Setup a custom post type for the profile, and then a role for that post type. Use the Members plugin by Justin Tadlock to do that, and reference this article on registering the post type with the right capabilities:

    2) Once you’ve done the above, you’ll have a role that has rights to the CPT. Now, get the USP Pro plugin. This plugin allows you to setup a registration form for users. When they register it creates their “profile” (the CPT) and assigns them as the author and also assigns them with the right role. Jeff, the plugin author of USP Pro is pretty helpful.

    3) Define whatever ACF fields you want for the CPT to build beautiful profiles.

    4) The Simple User Profile plugin by Innovative Solutions will let you dial in what a user can and cannot see when they sign in.

    It took some time to figure out all of the above, but it works beautifully.

  • Thank you @theatereleven! Generous of you to post this info and I appreciate it. Will give this a try.

    Just yesterday I found another plugin that seems to solve most of the problems: It’s called Press Permit:
    It’s very sophisticated and it gives you lots of control over user privileges.

    Thanks again,

  • Not a problem. Press Permit or any other role plugin will work fine. That’s the easiest part. My big dilemma was having a registration form that allowed people to register, create a profile, and then not have access to anything else.

    I can’t believe BuddyPress doesn’t use CPTs. But…whatever.

    Have fun! I’m using it on one live site, and a new one that I’m building right now.

    Also, the Tabby Tabs plugin might be of use for your profile building. Very easy to implement, and it’s responsive.

  • @theatereleven

    I’ll be creating the pages and accounts for this particular project, so it’s simpler than what you’re doing. But another project requires user-driven account creation and we’re using Gravity forms as well…so we’ll look into your solution.

    I also thought that BuddyPress would do all of this…surprising that it doesn’t.

    Good to know about Tabby Tabs…looks useful.

    Thanks again!

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