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User Custom Fields Disappearing

  • I’ve noticed a bug where the custom fields for a User disappear if there is an error saving the user.

    Steps to replicate the bug:

    1. Add a new custom field and apply it to the User object
    2. Edit a user, and delete the email address (to force an error)
    3. When the page reloads with an error, the custom fields are missing

    Interestingly enough, this only happens when editing a user. When creating a new user, the custom fields are displayed on error.

  • Did you ever solve this?

    I’m having a related but slightly different issue. I’m using ACF in conjunction with the Events Manager plugin. If a user forgets to fill out one of the required Event fields, it prompts an error. When that happens, all of my ACF fields clear. It’s only the ACF fields — other fields are fine. It also only happens with ACF Pro, but not with ACF 4.x. The issue happens even with all other plugins deactivated and using the default WP theme.

  • Hi @levymetal and @lsterling03

    I’ve put up an issue for this on our Github repo. I’m sure Elliot will take a look at it and if it’s an issue he can replicate have it sorted in a future update!

    Thank you both for pointing this out!

    are your issue also when editing the user on the profile edit page in WP (not a custom edit page by Events Manager)?

  • Hi @levymetal

    Thanks for the bug report.

    I’ve done some testing and it looks like WP is preventing the save_user action due to the error.

    If you try to update any other core user info such as ‘Name’, the same issue occurs: New value is not saved.

    I’m not sure I can do much for this on my end, seems like a security block from WP’s end.

    Thanks again for the bug report, and I hope for now this doesn’t cause you project too much hassle.


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