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User and Post Object Fields not working on front-end with acf_form()

    • shagpun

    • November 13, 2020 at 10:39 am

    Hi. I have a front-end form that has user object and post object fields. On the backend, they auto-populate/fill and work fine. However on the front-end they don’t show any options and I just get “The results could not be loaded.”

    The console shows that admin-ajax.php is coming up 404 as soon as I put my cursor in the field so that’s the issue, I’m just not sure why it’s coming up 404.

    I have acf_form_head() included before the form and code is below. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

                              acf_form (array(
                                  'fields' => array(
                                  'field_groups' => array(94,548), 
                                  'form' => true,
                                  'return' => '%post_url%',
                                  'submit_value' => 'Save Changes',
                                  'post_title' => false,
                                  'post_content' => false,
  • Adding to this. Have the same issue, except I’m using the ACF UI instead of coding it.
    It doesn’t seem to be related to plugins or themes (I’d disabled all of the non-essential plugins and themes).
    It doesn’t produce any PHP errors oddly enough (or at least none that I could find with debugging and logging on).
    It also doesn’t seem to be related to PHP variables (post max size and the such) as all of those are set pretty generously.
    Genuinely curious as to what’s causing this.

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